iMovie Storyboards

These popular storyboards are available to download as PDFs and are great for helping to plan out iOS iMovie trailers, whether on paper or on device.

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There are an increasing number of schools improving communications by using Twitter. There are resources here to help you get started.

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Extending the comfort zone

Deep Learning Days and Challenge Days

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  • Evernote Tip & idea for book work evidence +

    When you sign up to Evernote you are given an email that contains some random letters, so that only you Read More
  • QR codes - an update +

    At the end of September I had an idea of a way to use QR codes with homework (read the Read More
  • Flip cam in the classroom +

    I now have a 'Flip Mino HD' camcorder for my classroom and am looking at ways to utilise it. I've Read More
  • QR codes and apps +

    In order to share some useful apps with students, I created a poster to be displayed at school in the Read More
  • Computers in Mathematics education +

    I have known since my training that computers would play an important role in the education of mathematics, but I Read More
  • Storm in the cloud +

    Last week Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered a serious outage affecting users and other web services alike. The remote computing Read More
  • Advertising with maths and art +

    I've been mulling this idea over for a few weeks now. Watching the football this afternoon reminded me about it Read More
  • CMS choice and lesson resources +

    At the end of each lesson I find that additional content has been produced as a result of the learning Read More
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